A Wild Journey Into Chastity – What Keeps Them Coming Back?

Honesty is a subject that causes all sorts of emotions, disgust, confusion, excitement in people. What happens to the act of physically blocking your ability to have sex or masturbate which appeals to lovers of chastity?

I intend to learn and shed light on this strange activity, because this is what intrigues me and turns me on at the same time. I am passionate about the fact that I am personally locked in chastity, and I know that this is what sub’s also attracts, but it is difficult to find suppliers of women’s chastity belts for a fuller figure. I hope that in the end I will find him so that I can personally understand what it is like to be locked in one thing.

Honesty is the physical prevention of masturbation and sex. Women wear chastity belts that impede access to the clitoris, as well as prevent penetration. Penis holders may also have chastity belts, but cock cells are much more accessible and accessible.

Why do you Want to Subject Yourself to this?

Well, chastity is a form of energy exchange, and therefore it easily falls into the realm of BDSM. When you fit into chastity, someone controls your body, and this dynamic can be a heady mix of frustration and excitement.

Some practitioners will close themselves with chastity and then send the key to the key holder to keep track of it. Often these key chains are dominant personalities.

Wearing a best male chastity device creates personal hygiene problems that can be overcome, but they reinforce the fact that you are exposed to your chaste state. I will not go into details about personal hygiene, but can you look for more info in this link about wearing a cock cage for a week. It is important that you pay more attention than usual and not allowing your hygiene to suffer.

What are the Benefits of Male Chastity?

There are some advantages for both the person in chastity and his partner. When you are locked in chastity, you can devote all your attention to the sexual pleasure of your partner. It can even make for a more loving caring relationship.

The fact that you are denied the ability to enjoy yourself can be incredibly exciting. Your arousal and the inability to take care of this can also become a partner, and both parties can enjoy this aspect of giving up orgasm. Being deprived of regular masturbation sessions can make your genitals more sensitive, and therefore, when you finally free yourself, subsequent orgasms can swell.

The inability to deceive a partner when in chastity is one of the oldest reasons for this, and even this day and age can increase trust and communication between partners. However, medieval chastity belts and stories about knights locking up their wives, before going on a crusade, turned out to be false.

Modern chastity belts exist solely for people to explore the energy game, using them either alone or with a partner.

Women’s chastity belts all follow a fairly predictable design, metallic panties, such as a structure designed to prevent penetration, allowing body passages to pass through. Men’s chastity belts and rooster cages, on the other hand, are available in a variety of designs, some of which are incredibly beautiful and complex. All this, although unpleasant, is pleasant to the user.

Thoughts about Chastity

According to an interview a male practitioner who uses the male chastity belt, and this is what he had to say about being locked in chastity:

“I like the idea of ??being locked in my belt and passing the key to the dominant woman. When the lock is closed, and the security tab is set, I am very worried about the beginning, and I feel an erection, but it cannot grow, and this in itself is a sweet agony.

The first few days are the most difficult, when the desire to masturbate is often caused by the slightest thing, and again the disappointment that he cannot do this is almost intoxicating as a drug. After a few days I calm down, and the desire calms down, I have to spend more time on personal hygiene and plan my days around the toilet breaks, since I can no longer push it out in the bushes on the side of the road if I, for example, caught me shortly. Being in chastity makes you more aware of your body functions, and I also think that makes me a better lover.

Read this article from WikiHow on how to control your desire to masturbate.

My partner supports this my bend, and when I am chaste, she loves to make me eat it or use toys on it, and I love to do it, all my efforts were focused on her pleasure, and this brought us closer. When I get rid of my chastity, I take a shower for the first time, and when I appear, I usually have the biggest and most complex erections in my life, and I have to do business. The release, when he comes to a quick end, leaves me delusional and out of breath, almost dizzy in my euphoria; after a period of chastity there is nothing like an orgasm, I like it. “

I can understand everything he said, and long have the opportunity to experience it for myself. I hope one day I will find my chastity belt, and then I can write an article about my own impressions. Meanwhile, despite the fact that stories like the one I was told by Tim, I even wanted to try again.

I would really like to hear from anyone who loves chastity in the comments below. Let me know what you have, and if you have a provider recommendation, it will be awesome.

Where Can you Get a Chastity Device?

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If you are interested in looking at some best male chastity device or perhaps even buying yourself or your partner:

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