Mobile Weekend is a blog that features various articles involving the professional dominatrix industry. I have been in the business for ten years, and you would not believe how many people are willing to spend money just to be dominated in bed (or in other places). I started this blog a long time ago because I used to be a freelance writer. It was definitely a wholesome blog that talked about anything under the sun.

There was a night when I was so lonely because my then-girlfriend dumped me, so I started looking for a hot date on match.com. I was not expecting to enjoy sex that night since I was not in the mood because of the breakup, but things got really interesting. It turned out that my date was also going through a bad breakup and that she wanted to forget that bad. So bad that she told me to go rough on her, command her, and dominate her. I used all my frustrations and anger to fuck the shit out of her. It was amazing and that she enjoyed it. She even said that she was willing to pay for that kind of sex again if given the chance. That gave me the idea to become a professional dom. I thought “why not”. Since I am single, thirsty for sex, and kind of broke.

I started searching for people who can show me the way to the dungeons. There are plenty of dungeons in my area and that is where I met my first client. However, she wanted me to become her sub. I agreed and let me tell you that it helped me and make me realize that for you to become a great dom, you have to know how to become a sub. Well, to make the story short, I grew a network that allowed me to improve, meet more clients, and before I knew it, I was making $100-$200 a night.

I decided to do a makeover on this blog to post my encounters, provide guides, and insights of the professional dominatrix industry. Together with my team of writers, we share quality content that anyone can enjoy regardless if you are into BDSM or not. We post sex tips, product reviews, and recommendations that we think can improve your sex life! So, make sure to check us out regularly to not miss any update!

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