Locking Butt Plugs: A Great Addition To Your Cuckold Fantasy

Cuckold Fetish

Even if the word cuckold floats around the internet from time to time, we’re not exactly sure if people know what it stands for. In a day and age openly filled with countless fantasies and fetishes, kinky couples came up with one of the most interesting perversions out there. Although the term “cuckold” itself is centuries old, we are not sure how popular it was a consensual fetish.

The cuckold fetish considers an adulterous couple who love to invite others to join them in sex. Of course, allowing outsiders to accompany them in intercourse isn’t anything new. But, cuckolding implies that the male (husband) merely watches his female partner (wife) enjoy intercourse with a third person. In other words, the husband is not allowed to join in.

The female, a so-called “hotwife,” while having sex with someone else, humiliates her present partner, indicating that he’s a beta male. The new, sexually dominant partner (also called “the bull”) is there to make the other one a Sub who thrives from being unable to satisfy his wife the way she wants.

How Using Chastity Devices Elevates the Experience of the Cuck/Hotwife?

Now since we’ve explained what a cuckold fetish is, it’s only fair we incorporate lockable sex toys into it. And because chastity devices and submission kinks go hand in hand, this is a perfect example of how far a couple can go with devices like these. After all, imagination can’t always quite cut it — sometimes, actual tools are a must.

In short, chastity devices are gadgets meant to prevent sex for both males and females. Male devices like cock cages restrict the penis from getting erect. And on the other hand, female ones don’t allow anal/vaginal sex. Simple, isn’t it?

So, if we take this into account, the submissive beta male watching his wife getting fucked by a “bull,” his flaccid penis in a steel cage, is pretty humiliating. But if the “hotwife” is wearing an anal chastity device, her partner can’t even get a chance to join. The whole point is restricting certain actions for additional amusement.

Cock Cage

Even if the term chastity device makes most normies think of medieval maidens locked until their knights come back from war, it’s not what we’re going for. Nowadays, it’s all about male chastity play. Forget maidens and knights, a week in a cock cage explores the realities of male chastity play.

The cock cage is a device made to prevent the penis from getting erect. That way, the dominant hotwife can control her hubby, allowing him sparse bits of pleasure. Guys who enjoy these penile cages love being submissive. Even if not always the case, this allows them not to focus on traditional sex life.

For the most part, these gadgets consist of two main parts. One is a cage, and the other is the ring that encircles the base of the penis. Coming in all sorts of designs and sizes, all of them have the same goal — restricting erection.

Some are crueler than others, completely locking the penis, not even allowing air to swirl through. Also, most models are made of stainless steel, making them rather easy to clean and take care of.

That is an excellent way of surrendering all control to your dominant wife. She gets the key, making choices if you’re going free tonight. It’s all in her hands!

Locking Butt Plug

But when it comes to anal stimulation and cuckolds, there isn’t a better device than a lockable anal plug. While a man watches his partner have sex with another man, he’ll sit in the corner with his ass plugged.

Feeling comfortable or not (depends on how you look at it), the sub will beg his hot wife to turn the pug lock on. You see, lockable anal plugs are devices meant to expand and shrink, depending on the way you like it. Once you put one in, you can turn the key, and the toy will expand, making it stay in place.

Of course, we should mention lots of lube and condoms when using a device like this. When talking anal sex, it’s always essential to incorporate the importance of water-based lube. Anal penetration isn’t as easy without it. And it’s not that pleasant for the receptive partner.

Additionally, it’s essential to briefly say sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are also involved in anal play. If you don’t use condoms and thoroughly clean your gadgets, the chance of contracting a nasty disease is almost guaranteed.

Sexual health is crucial, so it’s better to be safe and sound here. There’s a lot of bad stuff that can happen if you don’t take care of hygiene and use lube while dealing with butt plugs and other sex toys. So don’t act smart, thinking it won’t happen to you. Before we proceed, you can check this locking butt plugs from LTC, and let us know what you think.

Rules Can Be Applied When Using Lockable Ass Plugs

To get the most out of ass plugs and cuckold sessions, you’ll need to be a bit inventive. For example, set up a reward-like system. The dominant female can decide if her sub will have the ass plug enlarge or contract, based on his behavior. Or just based on the way she feels at the moment, you decide.

You see, fetishes work better when there are certain rules — knowing how to act with your partner while in the middle of the session will only make for a better experience. Different types of sex work in different ways, so controlling the scenario in your cuckold play will work wonders for the two (three) of you.

Acting like a good little cuck will make the wifey turn the key in the direction you wish. Even if you don’t want it, you’ll need to prove your worth to her. On the other hand, maybe you’ll want her to be harsher towards you. It’s all up to you. So don’t hesitate — try a lockable anal plug right now!

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