Interested in Mobile Weekend? Help us better assist you with your press request by sending us an email. We ask that you be as detailed as possible so we can best meet your needs.

Comprehensive itineraries are available to qualified media upon request. These often include all or partial accommodations, dining, tours and attractions and can be based upon your story angle/focus. We ask that our partners receive written coverage by the media in exchange for hosting whenever possible.

VIP Media Passes are also available to qualified media looking to experience attractions (or seeking additional story material). These passes allow journalists to experience some featured attractions at reduced or complimentary rates at their leisure. Please note that discounted or complimentary arrangements are provided at the discretion of the host businesses and may be subject to availability.

Disclaimer: In order to assist you in maximizing your media goals, and as a courtesy to our tourism industry partners, travel arrangements made require a three-week notice (for domestic media) to three-months advance notice (for international media) prior to your arrival. Out of respect for the area’s hotels and tourism businesses. This guideline is provided to allow the team appropriate and ample time to review and arrange suitable itinerary needs for your visit and story angle.

Please send us an email to Thank you for your interest.

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